The Graham & Co. in Country Living

The Graham & Co. in Country Living

I wanted to share something with you today that got me really excited this month. A photograph I took at The Graham & Co. hotel last summer is featured in this month’s June issue of Country Living magazine!

I’m so thrilled Country Living came across my photos of this charming hotel in the Catskills, and then contacted me to use one in print. It feels great seeing one of my photographs in a major magazine!

Something to think about too, for any of you who want to start a blog, but haven’t gotten around to it yet  – you never know what can happen when you do. C.L. may never have found my photos of the Graham if it wasn’t for my blog. Even if you don’t have a clear direction yet, just start it and see where it goes! So far that method has been working for me! I’m very happy with how things have been coming along here and with the new opportunities that are popping up.

The Graham & Co. was a last minute find on a stormy camping day, and we enjoyed every minute of our short stay there. They’ve been getting a lot of great write-ups lately, and it looks like they’re destined to have a busy summer. Book now if you’re thinking of staying there!

{A Note on My Photography}

Taz and I like to travel when we can, and I always take lots of pictures when we do. I’ll be working on adding a photo gallery soon, but in the meantime you can browse through my Travel posts – most recently we went to Amsterdam, the Phillipines, and Beacon, NY. (I also have many more photographs that don’t make it into blog posts.)

If you are interested in purchasing or using a photograph of mine, please contact me at

Keep in mind that everything on this site is my own unless otherwise indicated and is copyrighted. Using a photograph without my permission and/or compensation is illegal. If you are a fellow blogger who is sharing a photo from one of my posts, I don’t mind at all. Please just include written credit with the photo and a link back to my site. (And let me know too, I’d love to check out your blog as well!) For all other purposes please contact me for use of my work.

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