Warrior Dash!

Warrior Dash!

This is a Part 2 post to our Upstate excursion last weekend. For Part 1 click Here!
Taz & I participated in Warrior Dash at Windham Mountain with my roomie Laura & her bf Marco, and her sister Katherine & bf Andy. Basically we ran uphill through mud, ran/slid downhill through mud, and tackled some obstacles in between. Sounds easy right? But it felt really challenging at the time!! I’ve never done a mud-run, but it was a pretty non-competitive vibe and lots of fun! 
And we got medals, t-shirts and stuffed-Viking hats!…

The best part? The storm from the night before cleared and it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day..
Taz made sure to get the camera’s attention throughout the race while making
the “Warrior Dash sign”…
and End!
And besides the (awesome/weird?) Viking hats there was of course beer & snacks after the race…

And as always, its nice to hang out with great friends and make some new ones along the way…
 Katherine & Andy
Laura & Marco
YAY its Over!
After “dashing” through the mud, we headed back to our campsite for the night where 2 of Marco’s friends (Colleen & John) were already setting up dinner! So nice! We ate delicious grilled steak & veggie kebobs, grilled corn, & salad, and followed it all with a cake & a song for Marco’s birthday. 
My 2nd camping trip of the summer (and 2nd ever!) was another success! Looking forward to my 3rd one coming on Labor Day weekend!

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  • Anonymous

    UNBELIEVEABLE! Now that’s what I call living life, those pictures expressed the great fun all you guys had! Was that real or fake fire you jumped over? Another fabulous adventure, the warrior sign is very cool and the viking hats…..just priceless! And you and Taz wore them well! Nice post šŸ™‚

  • Melinda DiOrio

    Thanks!!!! And yes, the fire was real!

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