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Hi, I’m Melinda

and I’m here to share tools for self-discovery.

I’ve been on a path of self-discovery my entire life. I was the super sensitive, extremely curious, and non-conforming child and teenager. And let’s be real - that meant I was often labeled as “weird,” “strange,” “different,” or (sometimes more kindly) “unique”.

These days I’m celebrating my uniqueness, living my truth, and encouraging others to do the same. Because our world needs that right NOW.

Do you want to lean more into TRUST and tap into your TRUTH? Keep reading.

Learning how to tap into my intuition, ask for guidance, lean into trust and uncover my truth has been a journey. For a long time, I experienced a constant inner battle between my rational-thinking mind and my free-spirited soul.

My path to uncovering my true nature accelerated when I left a comfortable corporate design job in 2015 to pursue a path of teaching yoga. (Yup, I was that person who took the cliché leap of faith.) I quit the fashion world, took a 20 hour flight to Bali, and immersed myself in my first yoga teacher training for 30+ days.

They say that a yoga teacher training will “change your life”. I didn’t believe it at the time.

A few years later, I have a completely different perspective.

That’s because I have observed how that training was only the BEGINNING of a deep period of transition, growth and transformation. I’m just coming out on the other side of it, and I’m ready to share more of this process with others.

This phase of self-discovery and truth-revealing has been fueled by my willingness to stay curious, present, and receptive. It has been enhanced by mentors, teachers, and a supportive community. It has been nourished by my meditation, yoga, journaling, and oracle card practices (as well as other self-preservation tools that I will be sharing more about on my blog and in my newsletter).

I’m so grateful to those that have supported me in my journey, and I am honored to play a support role to others. If that’s something you’re looking for, please reach out.

It’s my intention through my role as a yoga teacher, a meditation guide, a mentor, a community builder, and a creative & spiritual being, to help spark the light that lives within all of us. Because once we are able to live from our deepest truth, SO much becomes possible.

YOU are the flame. I’m just here to light the FIRE, and to share tools that you can use to keep that spark going.

The world needs our deepest truth right now. Are you ready?